Day 22, Inclusion

Inclusion means involving everyone, all the time, in everything, no matter what. Make accommodations and modifications to allow all to participate, understand some have more to give than others, but all is equal. There is no room for Meanness and Anger, no judgement, no exclusion. The world just works better that way.

Day 22, Peace On Earth

In the end all meanness and anger were overpowered by the love and joy generated by the birth of this child. Remember always, what you see is not always what you get. Because Jamal and Maria were different, they were outcast. We may try endlessly to separate and categorize, but we entered this earth the same way and are destined to breath, eat and sleep under the same stars. Wealth, position, race, religion and even health cannot define us nor do they change the final outcome. We should forever understand that the people of this planet are created a lot alike and only a little different.

Day 21, Hope

People crave hope! That belief that things will work out for the best. The fundamental faith that people are good. Hope, is all around us, we just need to look. Hope keeps us going as the human race and it starts when we humbly care and give from our hearts to others without looking for anything in return.

Day 20, Miracles

Believe in miracles. Not the ones that move mountains or part clouds, but the ones that happen everyday. Don’t sit waiting for an earth shattering event, but seek and find simple miracles. They are everywhere and have profound messages. Remember great things come in small packages. Stop, look and listen and then go out and share your timeless story. These simple things can be the seeds that change the world.

Day 18, Totally Awesome!

Sometimes we experience those moments when we are overcome by emotions. That may be sadness or great joy. This can be frightening, but be not afraid. Follow your heart, use your conscience and listen to your inner voice. At the end of the day, you will always land on your feet and find peace by following this simple rule. “Always do the right thing!” You’ll know what it is, every time!

Day 16, Dreams and Vissions

Call it delusional. Call them hallucinations, but without them the world would be void of art and music. Sometimes what seems ordinary can actually be quite extraordinary. Passion and light to guide us along the way will always leads us to great fulfillment. If you own faith in your vision and your path is clear and safe, then cast your fate to the wind and find your Kismet.

Day 15, Kindness and Protection

Sometimes in life we need to rely on others to help us through difficult times. Never resist or resent those who reach out to provide shelter in your time of need. It may hurt to think about your current situation. We may be angry and confused about who, how and why, but help and protection from harm are essential in our survival. Allowing others to help us is the first step in fixing the problem and keeping those we love safe and warm.