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  1. A most remarkable “gift” to be shared by one and all–thank you Fred, Debi and of course Jessica–this Grammy is speechless-(you were finally able to do that!!) However, to just to see, rather than speak, is the most beautiful treasure of all. Jessica, we never doubted that you would follow your dreams, and this is just the beginning. You are blessed with a Dad, Mom, brothers and sister to guide and cheer you on with their love, and a Dad, especially, who now shares his God-given talent with so many. Grampy and I, along with the rest of your family, are happy and proud to be members of your “cheering team!”

    Love and Hugs for all of you, and much success for “Just Jessica” too.

  2. I read” Just A Girl Named Jessica ” , such a heartwarming story on Jessica and the caring devoted family she was born into. It tells you of the daily life of Jessica and no matter what she never gives up and she has the support and love of her family..After you read the book and close it I know you will do what I did, have a large smile on your face.